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As your state senator, I will continue to focus on...




There is no more important investment for the future of our state than the one we make in education. Cindy is working hard to build a robust education system. Strong schools help to keep families here and make the state a more attractive place to run a business.

Cindy is a strong supporter of the $250 million school construction bond to repair our deteriorating schools. She has been a leading voice for increased education aid to the district, supporting an overall increase of $21.9 million statewide this year, alleviating pressure on the local taxpayers. Supporting a quality education system, from pre-K through college is one of Cindy's priorities. 




Cindy will continue to focus on economic development and improving Rhode Island’s economic climate, as well as working to make Rhode Island more competitive with our neighboring states by keeping our own purchasing power here in Rhode Island. Making the state a more attractive place to run a business will keep existing companies here, attract new ones and result in job opportunities for Rhode Islanders.

Knowing that small business is the backbone of the RI economy, Cindy has worked to reduce regulatory burdens as well as personal and business taxes which included cutting the corporate tax and the unemployment tax. She voted to exempt Social Security benefits and the first $15,000 in retirement from the income tax.

Cindy was a co-sponsor of "Grow Green Jobs RI" legislation, promoting the creation of jobs in renewable-energy and other green sectors. 

She supported cutting the minimum corporate tax by 20 percent, reducing the unemployment tax to save businesses $30 million a year, and the most-comprehensive overhaul to regulatory burdens in years. 


Cindy is an honest leader who will continue to bring integrity to her service in the state government. She will continue working to restore our confidence in government by providing our citizens with the transparency and accountability Rhode Islanders deserve. 

Cindy co-sponsored legislation granting the governor line-item veto authority and will continue to work to see that through. She has supported reforms such as the constitutional amendment ensuring all elected officials fall under the jurisdiction of the Ethics Commission to improve transparency.


Cindy has championed legislation to make it easier for voters to have access to the ballot by enabling voters to register or update their information online. 


If people do not feel safe, they won't move here, run their business here, or want to raise their family here. Public safety is at the core of the services that government provides. 

A retired Rhode Island State Trooper, Cindy brought together activists and legislators with sharply different views to pass legislation to protect victims of domestic violence. She passed important legislation protecting children in state care by improving transparency and accountability.


Cindy continues working strengthen laws that prevent abuse and financial exploitation of our senior citizens. She is a strong supporter of common sense gun control. 

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